Boston & Maine Caboose Repainting Update

Boston & Maine C-472 is a steel cupola caboose, originally built in 1921 by Laconia Car Co as a wood-bodied car. Rebuilt as a steel car in 1959 by International Car Co., restored by Railroad Museum of New England volunteers in the 1990s and used regularly on the Naugatuck Railroad. Due for a freshening up and a few repairs, the caboose was brought in to Thomaston Shop. Once the exterior painting is complete, the intention is to return the caboose to its 1977 appearance and number.


Applying the first coat of B&M blue paint. The powered lift and the concrete floor inside our climate-controlled shop make painting a whole lot easier!
The second coat of B&M blue was applied Sunday, October 17. The caboose is going back to its 1977 appearance as C-72R.  Safety appliances (grab irons, ladders, brake wheels) are being painted white this week. New vinyl lettering decals will be applied to the car next Saturday.
Howard Pincus applies the first piece of the iconic B&M logo to the side of C-72R. Photo by Mike Smith
Hal Reiser applies fresh white paint. Photo by Mike Smith
 Here is a photo of B&M C-72R as it appeared in 1977.

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