“Breslin Tower” Pullman Sleeping Car

Built in May 1925 as the Pullman Company sleeping car “Point Bank.” In 1939, it was rebuilt into its present configuration of 8 sections (upper and lower berths), 1 drawing room (a luxury two-person private room) and 3 double bedrooms (an inexpensive two-person room), Plan 4090. The “Tower” suffix denoted the type of accommodations in the car; Pullman had 64 “Tower” cars. In 1948, the car became the property of the New Haven Railroad, although the Pullman Company continued to operate the car. “Breslin Tower” and sister cars “Bok Tower” and “Victoria Tower” (also NHRR-owned) operated on the Springfield, Mass.-Washington, DC overnight route until 1960. The three cars were then used as spare or extra cars until their retirement in July 1962. “Breslin Tower” was purchased by Jim Bradley in July 1964; the other two cars were not scrapped until 1969. “Breslin Tower” is typical of the 9000-car Pullman fleet that provided sleeping accommodations for over 90,000 passengers per night across America during the late 1920s. This car’s interior is in very good condition, suitable for display. Purchased from the Bradley Estate, it was placed back on live rail at Mystic, CT on April 5, 1991 and moved to storage in New Britain, CT. Moved to Naugatuck Railroad in November 1999.

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