Cabooses at RMNE

Boston & Maine C-472, steel, cupola, originally built 1921, by Laconia Car Co as a wood bodied car (104000-series). Rebuilt as steel car in 1959 by International Car Co. Restored by RMNE.

Boston & Maine 104406, steel underframe, wood body, built February 1907 by Laconia Car Co.

Bangor & Aroostook C-67, steel underframe, wood body, built 1947 by BAR shops on a former MDT refrigerator frame. Privately owned, on lease to RMNE.

New Haven C-507, steel, class NE-3A, built October 1929. Built as PRR 477585, class N-5B, became Penn Central 22989, then Conrail 20075. Represents New Haven NE-3 type (500 series).

New Haven C-561, steel, class NE-5, built June 1942 by Pullman-Standard in Worcester, Mass. Later became Pittsburgh & Shawmut 193.

New Haven C-194, steel, class NE-6, built July 1948 by International Car Co. in Kenton, Ohio. Later became Pittsburgh & Shawmut 194.

St. Louis South Western (Cotton Belt) 2305, branch line caboose, 50 feet long, built 1920. Consists of coach and baggage sections.

Central Vermont 4014, steel underframe, wood body, built February 1925. Privately owned, on loan to RMNE.

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