CDOT 2002 (NH 2005) and 2019 (NH 2049)

While NH 2059 is the first FL-9 the Museum requested, it is the third one to arrive. In 1985, four FL-9s were transferred by Metro-North to ConnDOT for New York-Danbury, CT service, and were rebuilt and upgraded by Chrome Locomotive in Silvis, Illinois. The four returned to Connecticut wearing the dazzling, original black, red-orange and white “NH” colors of the New Haven’s FL-9 fleet. This well-known color scheme became ConnDOT’s standard decoration.

The original four “Chromes” were retired in the fall of 2001. In April 2002, ConnDOT 2019 (former New Haven 2049) and 2002 (former New Haven 2005, the oldest surviving FL9) came to RMNE on a long-term lease. Tired but still operational, they entered the service rotation for the 2002 season on the Naugy passenger train. They were also quite popular when they were used on RMNE’s “Engineer For an Hour” program.

Since 2009, FL9 2019 has been used as a regular engine on our excursion trains, while 2002 remains in the shop pending repairs and reactivation to regular service. In 2014, NH 2019 was restored to original appearance for “Streamliners in Spencer” and can now be seen with her new paint job.

CDOT FL9 2002 at Thomaston Yard and Shop, July 26, 2009. Photo by Dana Laird

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