Extra July Order Board Update


President Ralph Harris has most of the arrangements completed for this year’s visit by Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, which remains the largest fund raiser for the Railroad Museum of New England. Nancy Pratt again will be using her organizational skills as the DOWT Crew Dispatcher and is now taking requests for positions. The event will be running 31 July, 1-2 then 7-8-9 August, the usual Friday-Saturday-Sunday schedule. Please contact her as soon as possible at her new e-mail address or 203.578.5930. Thanks!

Train and Station Crews URGENTLY Needed

We’re well into our 2009 operating season and train and station crews are needed! Please call Barb Walcott at 203.525.5290 or 860.283.5790 so that she doesn’t have to spend all her time tracking down the necessary staff.

Locomotives and Rolling Stock

NH (ex-CDOT) 2019 is now back in service and will primarily be a back up engine when the 2203 is down for maintenance. The loco will likely see service on the DOWT runs this year. It will be the only FL9 in operation in Connecticut this summer now that the remaining CDOT –owned locomotives are now stored and no longer used by Metro-North.

Coach 5046’s window replacement project continues with most new windows installed as of mid July. Contact Sam Walker to help or for other Car Department information.

Recently coaches NH 603 and 610 (named “Forest Hills” and “Philinda” from their parlor car days) recently were brought up to Thomaston Shop for some cosmetic work before being placed inside the Chase Yard for long term storage. The surprisingly good condition of the 603’s interior was noted by many, and having it moved up in the restoration queue is a possibility should there be commitment and support.

Claremont & Concord 50 narrow monitor caboose will reportedly be getting a trip to the shop for dry-out storage prior to some weatherproofing following DOWT.

Car Department Job Sheets Posted

On the east side of coach 5805 Sam Walker has posted job sheets describing car department tasks for the next few months for a number of different coaches. Here are some of the items listed: 5805 – complete welding along west side of carbody, body filler to finish seam for priming. Fill hex-head bolts, finish other bolt installation. Complete installation of step hanger brackets. Complete riveting of n/w end sheet, diaphragm mounting area and corner post.

C4989 – remove salvageable windows; remove lift hardware from scrap window frames. Remove northwest trap and any remaining trap hardware.

Locomotive Department Work Needed

NH 529 – batteries have been removed so this is a good chance to vacuum battery boxes, prep and repaint so the next set of batteries will have a good home. Contact Howard Pincus for more information about this project.

Freezer Donated

Kevin Meehan reports that we have received the donation of a large chest-type freezer from Dick “Foreman Yes” Lathrop. A big thank you from all of us that will be enjoying the refreshment made possible by the new freezer.

—Bill Sample, Editor

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