February Order Board

NORAC Book of Rules Classes
Anyone wishing to be involved in train operations this season should start their preparations by taking a rules class. Chief Rules Examiner Ralph Harris will be conducting rules classes for RMNE members who wish to participate in the operations of the Naugatuck Railroad. Please contact him via e-mail to register or for those without e-mail call (860) 482-3240 before 8:00pm. Classes will be held at the Thomaston Town Hall, likely downstairs in the Senior Center, beginning at 8:00am Thursday 26 February, Saturday 7 March, Saturday 21 March, and Sat 4 April.

Spring Track Weekend
Our second annual Spring Track Weekend will be held on the 18 and 19th of April. This year’s work will be on the main line and will include tie replacement, surfacing and brush cutting. Preliminary plans are being made for some Thomaston Station grounds “Spring Cleaning” as well.

Motor Vehicle Department
The Cummins front-end loader is 90 % completed. The engine installation project is now in the hose and line hookup phase, and inside the cab there is new paint and a new-to-the-vehicle operator’s seat. The Dyna-hoe steering linkage has been rebuilt, the new door has been painted and fitted.

Buildings & Bridges Department
Thomaston Station – Gene Pfeiffer, Bob Harrington, Ralph Harris and others repaired a broken water pipe that caused a foot deep indoor swimming pool in the station’s cellar. The Thomaston Vol. Fire Dept. helped by pumping out the puddle. Howard Pincus also was busy repairing the heating system.

Thomaston Shop – Heating unit components continue to be hung from the ceiling and the project is now well along. The electricians continue wiring and fixture work and conduit installation.

Car Department
Work in Coach 5805 continues to progress – north vestibule inner wall now complete, inside floor installation underway. Window openings are being repaired, stripped and primed. Ceiling work continues.

Thanks to Bob Harrington, Howard Pincus, Jack Tarter, Brent Bette, Ralph Harris, Celeste Echlin and Sue Sample for help with this issue. –Bill Sample, Order Board Editor

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