July Order Board


The next General Membership Meeting will be held on Saturday, September 18. The meeting will be held at the Thomaston Senior Center, Town Hall, Main St. and is scheduled for 6:30pm.

SPECIAL EVENTS – Celeste Echlin

11 July Charter Cancelled – The Saltwater Grille of Litchfield has cancelled their Singles Mix & Mingle due to low response. Only 8 reservations were received, all from women – so single guys mark the Saltwater Grille as a promising place to go!

29 September – The RMNE will again have an informational booth in the Connecticut Building during the Eastern States Exposition on Wednesday 29 Sept. Contact Celeste if you’d like to help.

30 October – The RMNE will again host a fund-raiser Halloween Party on Saturday, to benefit the Thomaston Station. Details will be available in the next Order Board.

Northern Lights Limited – Tony Pratt has taken the lead as the head of the “Northern Lights Limited” Committee, which will be in charge of the planning and operation of that event, now our number one fund-raiser. Tony and his wife Nancy will be developing staffing level needs for the event, which will commence in November.


Crews will be needed for most of the following operations, including conductors, engineers, brakemen, car hosts and shop & station support staff. Ed McAnaney is working with crew dispatcher Barb Walcott to set up a computer-based sign-up procedure, and it is hoped that volunteers will sign up ahead of time so that we can fill the vacancies. July positions have been mostly filled so it is now time to think about August.


Tom Carver introduced himself at the recent RMNE General Membership Meeting. He is currently getting established as the RMNE Executive Director and contact information will be available soon. His initial work will mostly involve grant writing and fund raising. A request was submitted to the Thomaston Savings Bank Foundation to cover the cost of new windows on the station’s west side. Tom’s role also includes volunteer allocation and activity and he has already been active on the Special Events Committee.


The RMNE will be incurring costs for a number of upcoming developments, including an executive director, shop development, continuing the refurbishment of coach 5805 (including heating, sidewalls, roofing and seats); Claremont & Concord ex B&M “buggy” #50, continuing progress on the B&M GP9 1732; wheels, carbody and prime mover projects on NH RS3 529. Treasurer Louis Edmonds will get some budget numbers together for an upcoming Opportunity Flyer, but now is the time to plan what financial support you can assist the RMNE with. Louis has been quite busy with a change of location for both his residence and business – his new address is – P. O. Box 443, Georges Mills, NH 03751-0443.


The RMNE’s DMV has been busy readying the borrowed Islargo Boom Truck for duty at the Saybrook Yard, and a on of the front end loaders will also go there. The DMV staff also re-secured the Jericho Bridge access gate to prevent illegal dumping alongside the Naugatuck River at that location. The DMV’s running of the coal operation during the Flagg Coal Co. #75 visit impressed locomotive owners the Gramling Family with their efficiency.

CAR DEPARTMENT – Sam Walker, Al Pomeroy, Jon Chase

5805 – Upcoming projects include removing upper clerestory roofing down to the wood, removing insulation above windows (dust masks needed!), and needle-scaling metal and prime area along drip rail. Work will also continue on planning interior finishing including seat overhaul.

Claremont & Concord 50- This historic caboose (“buggy” on the B&M, its original owner) was recently rescued from the brink of death thanks mainly to the efforts of Al Pomeroy with help from Jon Chase. Al is in the process of writing up a professional–grade repair and restoration plan for the classic car. The 50 is now in the shop, drying out, and some work has begun by Al and Jason Hartmann including removal of the remnants of the roof and interior cleanout.

B&M 472 – This far-younger B&M buggy is in the shop for running repairs and paint touch up.


NAUG 2203 – remains in service. NH 529 – new wheels have arrived at the TSY, ready for fund raising and installation. NH (CDoT) 2019 – remains in standby service.


Steve Butterworth is planning on resuming crossing signal and relay case repainting starting at the Commons Crossing at Waterville. Contact him if you’d like to help a hand with this very visible restoration and maintenance project!

That’s all the news that fits for now. Thanks to all those who helped with this issue – Celeste Echlin, Ed McAnaney, Al Pomeroy, Louis Edmonds, Sue Sample, Steve Butterworth, Barb Walcott, Sam Walker, Jon Chase, and Bob Harrington. —Bill Sample, editor

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