Maine Central 352 Baggage-Express

The original MEC number, 411, was applied to this car, built in 1914 by the Laconia Car Company of that New Hampshire city for the Maine Central, after completion of its 1981 restoration. Originally housing a small Railway Post Office section at one end, the car was converted to a straight baggage-express-mail storage car (as MEC 352) before its sale to the New Haven in December 1963, where it became the 5700. The car later was slated to enter work train service and was assigned the number W-331 on August 27, 1968, but this number was never applied. The car ended up on the Penn Central, was sold to the Schiavone Company of New Haven for scrapping, but was donated to the RMNE, arriving at Essex on March 31, 1976, the day before the formation of Conrail. It was restored 1979-81 for use as a Museum display car. Roof, truck and coupler/draftgear work was started in 1996.

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