New Haven 2313 Dining Car

Built as a wooden dining car by Wason in its namesake city in Massachusetts, in 1904. Often referred to as the “Maybrook Diner” or “The Pie Car” (a circus train term for a concession and entertainment car) due to its days in work train service. This car ran in regular service until 1940, used mainly on the Hartford line due to its wooden construction which precluded its use into New York’s Grand Central Terminal. The 2313 underwent a 1929 Readville Shops rebuild which changed its dining configuration into a parlor-buffet-lounge car. Upon entering work train service, the car was given the number W-153, and it ended its service on the New Haven as the Maybrook Work Train diner, based in that railroad town in eastern New York state. Obtained in 1969 by the ESRM, the car was shipped to the VRR in early 1969, the first car to arrive on the property. It was used for meeting space and dinner service to RMNE members at Essex during the 1970s, making one or two trips up the Valley line on special occasions. Due to the need for yard track space in Essex, the car (now owned by the RMNE) has been mothballed, awaiting future restoration and movement to the Naugatuck Railroad.

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