New Haven 3008 Storage Mail/Railway Express

Built by Pullman-Standard in 1945, this car served in the tail end of World War II as one of 1200 Troop Sleepers, modified box cars fitted with windows and three tier bunks. These cars were an answer to the immediate need for more sleeping car space, and were quickly and economically produced in large numbers. Many a World War II veteran experienced transportation in these rather crude conveyances, as published figures state that 95 percent of military movements within the U.S. traveled by rail during that war. It is said that these cars were responsible for the decline of US rail passenger service after the war, as every GI who rode in one vowed never to ride a train again! As the war ended and troop movements wound down, these cars quickly became surplus, and were sold to North American railroads everywhere for quite a variety of uses: the Lackawanna used them, after modification, as bunk cars; the Bangor & Aroostook converted many into cabooses. The New Haven and many other lines converted theirs into “head end service” cars, handling mail, baggage and express. This car has been restored to its final New Haven color scheme. The car was donated to the RMNE by Michael Schiavone and Sons, Inc. in 1976; restoration was completed in 1984. Currently in storage awaiting movement to the Naugatuck Railroad.

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