New Haven 4418 Wooden Coach

Built in Worcester, Mass. as 1494 by Osgood-Bradley, this car ran from 1905 until 1928 as an open platform, truss-rodded car on the New Haven. It was then rebuilt by the New Haven’s Readville, Mass. shops, emerging as the 4418 with enclosed steel ends and a new heavy steel underframe. After service on Boston commuter trains, the car entered work train service in October 1949, wearing the number W-174. This car was assigned to New Rochelle, NY wire train at one time. Declared surplus by the NH’s successor, Penn Central, the car was privately purchased and moved to the Valley Railroad in September 1972. Ownership was transferred to RMNE in 1994. Presently the car is used for closed storage. Extensive roof stabilization and window plug work was done in 1992-93. Currently awaiting movement to the Naugatuck Railroad.

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