New Haven 6800 Deluxe Smoker (Coach)

The last survivor of a once-numerous fleet, this car was built in 1929 as an 88-seat deluxe smoker by Osgood-Bradley in Worcester, Mass. for the New Haven. The 6800s had pairs of leather bucket seats, brass window sash, and were air conditioned in the late 1930s. Identical cars in the 8100 series had cloth seats and were considered regular coaches. The roller-bearing trucks were applied in the mid-1950s, part of an upgrade program. The car ran throughout the system, most likely ending up in Boston commuter service. At the very end of the New Haven, it was used as the “jitney” coach, a service provided by the railroad that hauled railroad employees between the station area in New Haven and the Cedar Hill Yard complex outside of town. Purchased by the RMNE in January 1972, the car awaits restoration. Stabilization work was started in 1993 and continued in 1994-95. This coach was safely moved to the Naugatuck Railroad in March 2008.

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