New Haven freight equipment

Thomaston Shop, 2008 – Photo by Howard Pincus

33109 New Haven 40’ steel boxcar, built 1945 by Pullman-Standard. Was later NH work service boxcar W-1586, later Conrail 60737.

71568 New Haven 36’ wood box car, double sheathed, built 190?, rebuilt 1927-1929. (ex-Norton 361) **

71737 New Haven 36’ wood box car, double sheathed, built 190? rebuilt 1927-1929. (ex-Norton 353) **

17219, 17221 New Haven 50’ 70-ton flat cars, built by Readville Shops 1937. Converted for use in piggyback trailer service in 1940s-50s. Sold 1965 to Farrell Corp., Ansonia, CT. Donated to RMNE in 1990.

7447 New Haven flat car, built 1895-1905? (ex-Grafton & Upton, ex-Draper Co.). The car rides on Fox trucks, body stabilized with truss rods.

46203 New Haven 40’ steel high side gondola, built 1930 by New Haven shops. Current number was assigned by Penn Central when converted to work service.

** NOTE: Boxcars listed as former “Norton Company” cars were used in interplant service by Norton Abrasives of Worcester, Mass., and were donated to CVRM/RMNE in 1979-80. They were acquired second-hand by Norton.

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