New Haven W-221 Shop Car

Originally built by Bethlehem Steel in 1929 as NYNH&H 2789, one of ten 60-foot long Baggage-Railway Post Office cars in series 2780-89. It contained a 30-foot mail sorting and handling section, and a 30-foot baggage section, for use on secondary trains. Regular assignments for these cars were Waterbury-Boston, New York-Pittsfield, and New York-Winsted trains. This series was out of regular service by 1961, and 2789 was formally retired from the roster in December 1965; it was converted to work train service as the Maybrook Tool car in October 1967, replacing wood baggage car W-186. The car ended its days as Penn Central 28210, a storage shed on a disconnected piece of track at Conrail’s West Springfield Yards. Donated by Conrail, it was moved to live track and then to the Museum in April 1989. Work started immediately to set up a workshop in the car. This car was safely moved to the Naugatuck Railroad in March 2008.

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