Our Collection

The Railroad Museum of New England has taken great strides over the years to acquire, preserve, restore, and operate trains and railcars with origins in the New England area. Seen below are some of the many pieces that we have obtained over the years. Please note that not all items are on public display.


Diesel Locomotives:

The modern diesel locomotive was introduced into American railroading in the late 1920s and slowly gained popularity in the 1930s and 1940s. After WW2, they ended up replacing steam locomotives on the majority of US railroads, with the last of the major railroad companies finally completing the switch over to diesel in the early 1960s. Diesel locomotives are actually more correctly known as diesel-electric locomotives. This is due to the use of a diesel engine to turn a generator, which in turn, turns electric motors around the axles. The RMNE has a large fleet of these diesel-electric locomotives, with several in operation, and many more awaiting repairs to return to operation.

Naugatuck RR 2203

General Electric (GE) U23B

Status: Active, in regular service

New Haven 2019

Electro-Motive Division (EMD) FL-9

Status: Active, in regular service

TBRX 8537

General Electric B37-8E

Status: Active, regular service, leased

New Haven Budd 41

Budd Company

Status: Active, leased

New Haven 529

American Locomotive Company (ALCO) RS-3

Status: Stored, awaiting restoration work


Boston & Maine 1732

Electro-Motive Division (EMD) GP-9

Status: Stored, awaiting restoration

New Haven 2525

General Electric (GE) U25B

Status: Stored, awaiting engine work

New Haven 0401

American Locomotive Company (ALCO) FA-1

Status: Stored, awaiting restoration and new trucks

Maine Central 557

American Locomotive Company (ALCO) RS-3

Status: Stored

Boston & Maine 1508

American Locomotive Company (ALCO) RS-3

Status: Stored, awaiting restoration

Boston & Maine 1109

Electro-Motive Division (EMD) SW-1

Status: Display

New Haven 2059

Electro-Motive Division (EMD) FL-9

Status: Stored


General Electric (GE) 25 Ton Switcher

Status: Stored, awaiting batteries

Steam Locomotives:

When one thinks of the history of American railroading, one most often thinks of the great, powerful steam locomotive. The iron horse that built America, and expanded the possibilities of travel and trade forever.
Originally brought to America in the 1920’s and 1930’s from England, the first steam locomotives were smaller and burned wood. After the civil war, as industry in America grew, steam locomotives were designed to burn coal, a much easier and more practical fuel than wood. The size and power of the locomotives also increased, from the common 4-4-0 American Class, to the massive 4-8-4 Northern Class and 4-6-2 Pacific Class, among others. The 1930’s and 1940’s marked the height of steam locomotive operations in America. With the introduction and growing popularity of the diesel locomotive, which was much less labor intensive in operation and maintenance, the days of steam were numbered. By the late 1950s, the majority of mainline steam locomotives had been sidelined in favor of diesels, and by the early 1960s, the last of the great iron horses had been retired.
The RMNE has two steam locomotives in its’ collection, a 2-6-2 Prairie Class, and a 4-6-2 Pacific Class.

Canadian Pacific 1246

Montreal Locomotive Works Class G5 Pacific 4-6-2

Status: Stored, in need of full restoration

Sumter & Choctaw 103

Baldwin 2-6-2

Status: Stored


Passenger Cars:

Canadian National Heavyweights

Built for Canadian National Railway between 1919-1923.

In Service: 4980, 4992, 5046, 5114

Restoration: 5805, restoration into 1st class car

Out of Service/Stored: 6606

Rutland 260

Built in 1891 for the Rutland Railroad

Status: In Service

New Haven

Built for the New Haven Railroad

Display: Breslin Tower

Stored: 603 (Forest Hills), 610 (Philinda), 5108 (Stag Hound), 6845 (Westport)

New York, New Haven, & Hartford 2789 (New Haven W221)

Built by Bethlehem Steel in 1929 as a Baggage-Railway Post Office car

Status: Stored

Maine Central 411

Built by Laconia Car Company in 1914 as a Baggage-Express

Statues: Stored



Central Vermont 4014

Built in February 1925

Status: In Service

Naugatuck RR 507

Built in October 1929 as New Haven 507

Status: In Service

Boston & Maine C-72

Built in 1921 by the Laconia car company

Status: Display

Pittsburg & Shawmut 193 (Ex. New Haven C-561)

Built by Pullman-Standard in 1942 for New Haven as a class NE-5

Status: Stored



Freight Cars

Boston & Maine 77843

Status: Restored, on display

Boston & Maine 72480

Status: Display

Union Tank Car Co. (UTLX) 69369

Status: Display

Boston & Maine 1920 (Milk Car)

Status: Display


Maine Central (MEC) 17080 Gondola

Status: Display

New York, New Haven, & Hartford 7447

Built 1895-1905

Status: Display


Maintenance of Way (MOW)

Portland Terminal Crane 198

Status: Display, occasional service

Maine Central 70 (Naug. X-105)

Built by Russell Snow Plow Company of Ridgeway, PA

Status: Display, occassional service

Naugatuck W-133 Side Dump Car

Built in 1951

Status: In Service