“Stag Hound” Pullman Parlor-Lounge Car

Built in February 1930 for service on the New Haven’s new Boston-New York train “The Yankee Clipper.” All the cars on the “Clipper” were named for fast merchant sailing vessels (clipper ships) built in New England during the 1850s. This train was the most exclusive train on the route between those two cities, and carried the upper class in conservative luxury. “Stag Hound” was the first car in the train, and contained a small buffet area serving beverages and light snacks in an adjoining 19-seat lounge area, as well as a section containing 20 swiveling parlor armchairs. “Stag Hound” was one of the last “heavyweight” cars built by Pullman. It was ice air conditioned in 1934, and after new streamlined cars were bought in 1949, downgraded to use on lesser trains.

A regular assignment in 1950 was the “Day White Mountains” train between New York and White River Jct., Vt. In July 1957, “Stag Hound” became club car #5108 on commuter trains out of Boston, and was retired in 1961. Bought by Jim Bradley in 1962, it was moved to his Stonington back yard for display. Donated in 1988 by the Bradley Estate, it was placed back on live rail at Mystic, CT on April 3, 1991 and moved to storage in New Britain, CT. Along with the other Bradley Pullman cars, it was moved to RMNE’s Naugatuck Railroad in November 1999.

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