Thomaston Station News

While the inside of the station is now being enjoyed by our passengers and visitors, Kevin Meehan and John King have been removing the exterior Plexiglas covers from the west-facing waiting room windows.  Window locks are being installed and the windows will be usable for ventilation.  Exterior painting is also needed as part of the project.

We still have to do an extensive cleanout of the cellar, and some organization in the attic.  Cellar work should be planned for the warmer months, the attic for the cooler times.

Celeste has received word of a funding award from the Town of Thomaston.  The entire amount will be placed in the station fund On Tuesday 31 July, Laura Mancuso of the State Historic Preservation Office in Hartford was scheduled for a visit to the station.

Jason Hartmann is looking for a carpet “remnant” to be used on the station’s train layout in the station to deaden the sound. The carpet would have to be an earth tone, preferably beige or tan, and MUST be a loop style or low nap so it’s fibers won’t get stuck in the wheels and gears of the trains. A green or brown carpet would be OK too, just not ideal for “realistic” purposes but still “passable.” The remnants or a small rug could be cut to fit but should be at least 3 feet wide.

—Bill Sample

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