Track Extension Underway at Thomaston Shop/Yard

The photo shows the progress of the track project by the end of Sunday afternoon at TSY. Well, actually not, because more ties were being harvested from the Great Thomaston Tie Pile by Louis Edmonds, Gene Pfeiffer, Bruce Hollis and Lou Beres (they were brought to the yard after dark). About 50-60 more ties remain to be harvested next Saturday, while the rail is being laid.

Saturday’s crew, led by Chad Boutet and Steve Butterworth, marked out the lines and started laying out and spacing ties and setting tie plates. Another crew, with Bob Harrington and Gene, were pulling out ties at Thomaston and bringing them to the shop yard.

Please participate this coming weekend. Our plan is to lay rail and spike it down, while some additional tie harvesting is going on at Thomaston. Thanks to all who helped this weekend, and to those who will be coming out to help this coming Saturday and Sunday!
—Howard Pincus

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