Train time along the Naugatuck Railroad… 1940s-1960s

Northbound just north of Highland Jct, Waterbury, shot from the Thomaston Avenue overpass.  Two year old 0504 pulling the through train from New York to Winsted (after dropping some coaches at Waterbury).  Note the new “stainless steel” 8600 coach; unusual first-line mainline equipment for this little branch train.  Photo by Kent Cochrane, labeled only “1949.”
Another Kent Cochrane photo, no date, most likely 1947 or early 1948 from appearances. New Haven 164 on the Winsted freight, northbound at Reynolds Bridge with about 20 cars. The engine is right at the whistle post for the Jackson Street bridge grade crossing (the bond wires are still on some of our rails here). That crossing and bridge over the river was taken out by the 1955 flood and never replaced. A cut though the old quarry was then used to access the Jackson Street area. On the extreme left edge, what looks like a late 40s Buick convertible is southbound on Waterbury Road (original Route 8).
As far as we can tell, this was taken at the south end of our current Thomaston Shop Yard, along the tangent just south of the MP 6 curve. The train is coming off the “Stevens Curve.”  The hillside and rock formations correspond to those above Route 8 across the river, and the topography of the land in the foreground is identical (except for all the trees that are there now). The engine is one of the F-5 class 2-8-0s, number 164, that were the usual freight power until the diesels took over in early 1948.  164 has 13 cars in tow, including two PRR X-29 boxcars, the same class as the one on display at Thomaston. Photo by Kent W. Cochrane.
Snapshot from a 1961 fantrip over the Naugatuck Railroad. Here we find the trip paused at the new Thomaston Dam, the scene not looking too much different from today.

—Caption information provided by Howard Pincus

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